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Education Visits & School Groups

Beaulieu’s award winning team of education specialists offer a range of curriculum linked and made-to-measure programmes to suit the needs of your group.

With a 13th century abbey, a Victorian styled stately home, a world famous motor museum and a unique wartime narrative - plus the nearby historic shipbuilding village of Buckler's Hard - there is an enviable range of learning opportunities on offer for KS 1 - 4 and SEN groups.

With refreshed programmes to meet the needs of the modern curriculum, groups can cover their choice of History, Science, English, Maths, Design & Technology, Leisure & Tourism, Engineering and Art. Available learning facilities include a modern Lecture Theatre and purpose-built classroom.


Please download or request our Education Brochure for full details of the following programmes:


National Motor Museum education

Using the vehicles in our collection, look at how simple machines such as the lever, wedge, wheel and axle work together to make up the complex mechanisms of the motor car. The programme includes an introductory presentation, museum tour and self-led museum challenge followed by a hands-on construction workshop to design and build a vehicle incorporating simple machines.
BRITAIN SINCE THE 1930s - Social History
A fascinating insight into life in 1930s Britain with the focus on the motor car in war and peace, developments in car design, life in a local garage and deliveries to your door.
THE HISTORY OF MOTORING - Inventions, Journeys, On the move
Man’s dream of a horseless carriage led to experiments with sail, steam and pedal power before the invention of the internal combustion engine changed our world. Follow the development of the car from the dawn of motoring to the present day or focus on specific periods in motoring history.
SPEED - Forces, Aerodynamics, Land Speed Records
A programme which introduces the principles of design and engineering, and the inspiration and history behind Land Speed Record vehicles, Formula 1 and Rally Cars. It also looks at how these ideas are applied to modern car design and safety.
MOTORING FUN - Discover The Weird & Wacky
This hands-on fun programme lifts the lid on some of the more unusual and entertaining aspects of motoring history. Join our journey around the Museum - sound the horns, ring the bell, wave the flag, model the fashion..


Educational Visit at Beaulieu Abbey

THE TUDORS - A Century of Change at Beaulieu
Children take on the role of guests of the 3rd Earl of Southampton, a patron of William Shakespeare, to find out about Beaulieu Abbey's changing fortunes.
MEDIEVAL REALMS - Monastic Life, Compare with Saxon Monasticism
What is a monk? How did he spend his day and what skills did he have?



Palace House education

HOUSES AND HOMES - Social & Local History
Experience the atmosphere of a Victorian country house with one of our Victorian household servants. Based on people who lived and worked at Beaulieu in the 19th century. Dress up in smocks and collars and learn about familiar and unusual objects of Victorian times in this ‘hands-on’ programme.
THE VICTORIANS - Social & Local History
Children take on the role of Victorian school children seeking employment as housemaids, kitchen maids, footmen or chauffeurs. Find out about etiquette, spittoons and iron ranges and many more aspects of life in a Victorian country house. Dress up in smocks and collars. Combine with sessions on Victorian Motoring, Victorian Toys, and Kitchen Gardens
VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS - Late November and December 2018
Experience the atmosphere of Christmas celebrations in this role-play activity day based in Palace House. Invited as guests by Henry, Lord Montagu, ‘meet’ some of the people who lived and worked here during the Victorian era. Discover something of their home, family, life and work. Perform your own entertainment for Lord Henry. Minimum number of children: 20.


SOE education


COVERT OPERATIONS - Secret Army, Problem Solving, Team Building, Reasoning, Working Together
Groups participating in this hands-on role play programme gain an insight into the sabotage and subversion methods taught at ‘The Beaulieu Finishing School’ and find out about the role of the ‘secret agent’. Code breaking and problem solving are just some of the ‘working together’ activities involved.
HOME FRONT - Secret Army, Problem Solving, Team Building, Reasoning, Working Together
Learn about life in Britain in this role-play session. Evacuees, blackout, rationing and war-time motoring are just a few of the topics covered.
WAR TIME GARDENS - Secret Army, Problem Solving, Team Building, Reasoning, Working Together
Find out about ‘digging for victory’, Land Girls and 101 uses for a carrot.
THE GRAND PRIX SABOTEURS - Secret Army, Problem Solving, Team Building, Reasoning, Working Together
Learn about a Grand Prix winning racing driver who became a Beaulieu trained SOE agent and take part in a code-breaking challenge, Mission Motor Museum.


Educational Visit in the National Motor Museum

MOTORING MATHS - Maths, Numeracy
Practice and progress mathematical skills and demonstrate the application of numeracy to the motor vehicle. Museum-based activities investigate how cars work and include speed, forces, friction, data collection, analysis, measurement and symmetry.
Studying a great book such as Stormbreaker, Goodnight Mr Tom, The Tin Snail, Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows or Powder Monkey? Or a writer? Shakespeare or Ian Fleming? Talk to us about a programme tailor-made to enrich your learning outcomes. Use our collections for creative writing projects like World War 2 code poems or car personalities inspired by Gumdrop.
SITE INVESTIGATORS: BEAULIEU OR BUCKLER'S HARD - Literacy, Design, Technology, Creative Arts, Communication
Use our buildings and their collections and the people who once lived and worked in them to develop communication, literacy and technology skills. Working in groups you could write a quiz trail, produce a young person’s guide, give a presentation at school, create a virtual museum, gather evidence for a class debate, create and plan a piece of artwork, a story, photo-journal, advert or poem.
BEAULIEU / BUCKLER'S HARD-CACHING - Maths, Geography, Technology
Use maps or school iPads/tablets/smartphones to follow an offline puzzle trail around the Beaulieu Visitor Complex or Buckler’s Hard Historic Village. Working together in teams outside the normal school environment, learn to use co-ordinates and code-breaking to reach the target location.

NMM Education




Themes include: Victorians, War Years, Motoring History and Leisure Motoring. Contact us for more information.

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for helping us to organise our best day out ever (and I’ve been teaching for 30 years!) From my first enquiry email, you were so prompt and efficient and made the whole process very easy. Beaulieu truly is a gem and I am making sure that I spread the word.

  • School Group Leader
  • July 2018

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